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If you have a problem no one else can solve or want to work on one that helps others please participate.  Our purpose here is to help you climb mountains of contemplative understanding of how the glory God's Truth dwells inside of you. And, to fix things through prayer when things seem to go wrong for God and you and me. We are not fixing things for any Church or the Bible or other Church authority but for each and for both of us helped along with God as a real person, listening and praying and talking with us about it.

The most important teaching to know you before you start your prayers with us is that "Mountain climbers, when they get to the top of the mountain don't 'beat the mountain'".  Too, many of us don't make it there for us not to say that the "mountain beat us".

Our main 'key' prayer is the Lord's prayer. The Lord's prayer works because it firsts affirms

Our ability ourselves to sanctify and bless God's name. God's Name is a male-female trinity (not just the male Jewish tetragrammaton YHWH). The Name of God is a Father (absolute and relative consciousness and Divine mind itself), a Son (the relative expression of this Divine mind in us and outside of us), and a Holy Spirit (His Truth manifesting in us).  One progressive Christian Jewish formulation of how God's Name renews and regeneratives, consecrates and seals, saves, redeems and justifies itself from bottom to top, top to bottom, and finally bottom to top in its Holy Spirit dwelling  in the minds and bodies of those who are called out to it is:

                     YHWH Jeshua: THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY

Isaiah 44:6; 45:11-13,51:13,15-16--Revelation 1:8, 17-18;2:8;4:8;11:17
Biblical References taken from a flyer of Apologetics Information Ministry (AIM) Professor Craig Hawkins President sent to me in the early 1990s by Christine and Arthur Harrell

                     Jeshua YHWH Jesus is YAHWEH--God the Son
Psalms 45:6-7;102:24-27Hebrews 1:8-9,10-12
Isaiah 6:6-10 -John 12:37-41
Isaiah 40:3--Matthew 3:1-3, 11-17
Isaiah 44-24;45:18--John 1:3;Colossuabs 1:16
Isaiah 45:21-24-Phillipians 2:9-11
Joel 2:32--Romans 10:9-13
cf Ibid (AIM)

                     Jesus Christ: GOD OUR ONLY SAVIOR
Isaiah 43:3,10-12;45:21;Hosea 13:4-2;Peter 1:1-2,11;2:30;3:2.18:1; 1John 4:14
cf: ibid (AIM)

                     YHWH Adonai Elohim JESUS:GOD OUR ONLY LORD AND SAVIOR

Isaiah 43:3, 10-12;45:21-22;49:26;Hosea 13:4-2 {Peter 1:1-2.11; 2:20;3:2,18; 1 John 4:14

                      YHWH Elohim Adonai
Genesis 1-3

                      YHWH YHWH JESUS: THE CREATOR

Genesis 1:1, 2 Kings 19:15-19; Nehemiah 9:6l Psalms 102:24-27:121:1;146:5-6:Isaiah 40:28;
43:15;44-24;45:11-13,18:66-1:Jeremiah 10:10-12;32:17;33:2-John 1:2,10; Acts 4:24;1 Corinthians 8:4-6;Hebrews 1:1-2,8-12;2:10;Colossians 1:16
cf: ibid (AIM)

Isaiah 41:4;44:6-Revelation 1:17;2:8;21:6; 22:13,16
cf ibid (AIM)
Psalms 15;2,25:5,26:3,43:3,51:6,111:7,119:142,151,160
Proverbs 16:6
Jeremiah 4:2
John 1:14,17;8:32,14:6,17;18:37,38
http://www.ourprayergroup.blogspot.com/  May-June 2017 "Light on Truth?" Volume 1 Issue 1

Many people believe Jesus is God, even their Savior, but not the Only God, Our Creator, Our Father in Heaven.

But, Jesus' was co-created by His Father in Heaven, whom He prayed to and worshiped and still worships as God, the Name of God YHWH, so whosoever believes in Him as God, also is believing in The Name of God YHWH as God.

When God is One

His Truth is One

YHWH Christ

The Father is not the Son.

The Son is not the Father.

When both Their Truths are One,

They are One. One Holy Spirit indwelling in us all.

After this name is glorified in us, it can express itself though our prayer requests. A 'key'

one of these affirmations we can pray together is:

                                'God is Love and so am I"

           or                  'God is Love and Truth ([Truth(Love)} and so am I'.

Please notice, and this is very important, we do not claim or say:

                            'I am Love' or 'I am Love and Truth'

Without first acknowledging and saying that God is.

 Fixing things, with the help of God's name like this is not like mixing iced tea (which we like to have half sweetened and half unsweetened). But they must be fixed, not just half right for you and half right for me, and half right for God... but al-right (that is all-right) for all three of us. Together we will certainly be able to improve things through prayer over a long period of time. I have faith, hope, and love in abundance. These gifts increase when you share them. I will listen, walk along with you, help you slow things down in order to discuss the situation better, pray with you. There is no charge for this service.

visit our Jewish/Christian prayer blog at http://www.ourprayergroup.blogspot.com

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