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2nd Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur/Succos 2010 Prayer Posting of some Christian Jewish Torah Midrash of the first and second chapter of Genesis, along with the standard  Saturday morning blessings from the Jewish prayer service. Originally posted along with some helpful meditative hiking and vacation travel photos at http://www.ourprayergroup.blogspot.com

Containing the specific correspondences of the Hebrew Genesis Code for the Christian/Jewish “seed syllables” referred to in earlier postings. Also included, some explanations and comments on “Hannah’s Song”, one of the traditional prophetic readings for this Holy day.

Table of Hebrew Alphabetic correspondences with numbers.

From the “Code of Genesis”, Chapter 3, by Carlo Suares:

“The first nine letters are the archetypes of numbers from 1 to 9.
Aleph, no. 1, is the unthinkable life-death, abstract principle of all that is and all that is not.
Bayt (or Vayt), no. 2, is the archetype of all “dwellings”, of all containers: the physical support without which nothing is.
Ghimel, no. 3, is the organic movement of every Bayt animated by Aleph.
Dallet, no. 4, is physical existence, as response to life, of that, in nature, is organically active with Ghimel. Where the structure is inorganic Callet is its own resistance to destruction.
Hay, no. 5, is the archetype of universal life. When it is conferred upon Dalle, it allows it to play the game of existence, in partnership with the intermittent life-death process.
Vav (or Waw), no. 6, expresses the fertilizing agent, that which impregnates. It is the direct result of Hay upon Dallet.
Zayn, no. 7, is the achievement of every vital impregnation: this number opens the field of every possible possibility.
Hhayt, no. 8 is the sphere of storae of all undifferentiated energy, or unstructured substance. It expresses the most unevolved state of energy, as opposed to its achieved freedom in Zayn.
Tayt, no. 9, as archetype of the primeval female energy, draws its life from Hhayt and builtds it gradually into structures.

The following nine letters, from Yod no.10, to Tsadde no. 90,
Yod, Kaf, Lammed, Mem,Noun,Sammekh,Ayn,Pay,Tsadde
Describe the process of the nine archetypes n their factual condtitioned existence:their projections in manifestation are always multiples of 10.

The nine multiples of 100:
Qof,Raysh,Seen or Sheen, Tav,final Khaf,final Mem,final Noun,final Phay,final Tsadde
express the exalted archetypes in their cosmic states.

Such is the fundamental equation set developed in Genesis.

“A sower went out to sow seed: and as he sowed, some fell along the travelled path and was trodden (

“He who goes forth bearing seed and weeping[at needing his precious supply of grain for sowing] shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him” Psalm 126

“For as the rain and snow come down from the heavens, and return not there again, but water the earth and make it bring forth and sprout, that it may give seed to the sower and bread to the eater.” Isaiah 55:10

YHWH School of Christianity
Scheme for Transliteration of Hebrew Vowels into English

vowel name sign sound additional symbol

qamets, patah a as in yacht sof pasuq

hireq ee as in bee appears below last word in a verse

tsere ay as in hay (transliterated as )

seqol eh as in bed

holem o as in low

qibbuts, shureq oo as in zoo

shewa silent/short-sound (transliterated as ' )

qamets shewa o as in (obstruct)

patah shewa a as in (around), that is ae

segol shewa e as in (effect), that is e as opposed to ee

October 4,2007

Our Prayer Group YHWH School of Christianity teaching explaining 39 ways God’s divine order of biblical creation in 1st chapter of the book of Genesis helps us and the present moment Elohim God [Gods] of Our Prayer Group YHWH School of Christianity create the world with Hebrew words:

Each line lists from left to right, 1) # of occurances of this Hebrew word in chapter 1, 2) the Hebrew word
3) a new theological translation of it, 4) verse numbers from Chapter 1 where it occurs

4---bara---creation through contemplative thought---1,21,23,27
1---r’dot---she moved the spirit of God in it and us--- 2
10---v’omer---and he said---3,6,9,22,25,20,24,26,28,29
6---v'yar'ah---and they saw that it was good[fixed in its own purpose]---4,10,12,18,21,25
3---v’yabh’dayl---and he distinguished [through discriminative understanding]---4,7,14
3---v’yeek’ra---and she called [named as a meaningful word]---5,8,10
6---v’yaysh---and he made[turned the truth of the key of its realization inside of its real eternal substance]---7,11,13,16,25,26
2---v’yabheerehch---and she blessed [brought into our awareness]---22,24
1---v’yatayn---and put [gave,placed]---17
1---n’tz’l’mu---he made in the image---27
2---totzaya---she brought out [facilitated ]---12,24

Note: wherever "v" [corresponding to the English word and], eg. v’yar’[he saw] appears it means the creation is occurring through means of God’s eternal light and life emanating into the lower earthly and human realms. And, it means this particular kind of spiritual light is being distinguished here in this part of the Bible from his/her light and life as it emanates into the upper heavens in other parts of the Bible.
Also, at this point, a matter related to the Jewish oral tradition of prohibiting any alteration of the Torah needs to be discussed:
These translations are different than the usual ones. The normal translation of what has already been written does not divide the work between he and she. At his/her highest, and at his/her beginning in us God is one person and one name, not two people acting together. But, as discussed in an earlier blog, it can be helpful to meditate on his truth, her truth as it grows inside of us by considering it a correspondence between what is and what is. This is supported by another part of the Jewish tradition which teaches it takes two persons along with God...1) a dreamer and 2) an interpreter for a dream to come true. Also, there are the following rules of interpretation of the Torah (by the rabbi Ismael, some would say the rabbi who is our rabbi Ismael...) which support this:
(the numbers to the left and before the logical statements refer to his 13 rules for elucidation of the Torah which are accepted by most Jews)
2) the female and male conjugations being part of similar[the same word] clarify it [the word] in a different context.
4), 5) , 12), 13) the female being made out of the rib of the male by a a general statement of God and is therefore a specification of his words and equally able to speak for the general context of them, to single out something for discussion which was not similar to the general category, a limitation of the context of it,
Moreover, the female teachers of the Torah being allowed to help the male teachers in this way they will be able to increase the elucidations of the context for all of us, or as a third party to reconcile the context.
Moreover, to no lesser a degree we have been given the verses below from the teaching of Jesus Christ and the prophet Isaiah:

“Wherever two or three of you come together in my name, I am [I am who I am] there.“

“Go[come] through the gates and cast ye up. Cast ye up, clear the way, take the stumbling block out of the way of My people. For thus saith the Lord God of Hosts the High and Lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, and whose name is three times Holy.” Isaiah 62:10 This is a verse which is part of many Jewish High Holy Day Prayerbooks.

These verses along with the affirmation, along with one the Lord God of Hosts has given his archangel Gabriel to keep in mind. “What’s not on the up and up, is not up.”

Neatly sum up how I believe God wants the top part of his name to manifest itself in us.

“Upon what were the foundation of it fastened, who laid its cornerstone?” Job 38:6

“I have laid a precious cornerstone of truth [sure foundation] in Zion.” Isaiah 28:16
Psalm 118:22, Jermiah 30:21

Here are some very precise, very good and very beautiful verses in Hebrew related to those above:

“And, Elohim put them [the sun and the moon] in the expanse of the heavens.”
Genesis 1:17

“Va’yatayn atam Elohim bheeroqay hashamaym.”
Below some are the rest of the verses connected to this verse and which expand on it.

1st saying of the 1st day

In the beginning God created (through concentrated thought with contemplation and insight) the heavens, making use of the eternal light coming down from the crown on his head as wisdom and understanding in his soul.”

“B’rayshayt bara Elohim.” Genesis 1:1

2nd saying of the 1st day

“And Elohim said, “Let there be eternal light [from above], and there was eternal light [below].” Genesis 1:3

“Yeehay Or v’yeehay Or.”

3rd saying of Elohim God, the 1st of the 2nd day

“Let there be an expanse in the midst of [between] the heavens, and let it divide between the waters there[here].” Genesis 1:6

“Y’hay rakay bh’tof h’maym v’yhay m’beedayl bayn mayem v ‘m’ayem.”

4th saying of Elohim God [1st of the third day]

“Let the waters be gathered underneath the heavens in a place of oneness [for uniqueness and goodness to dwell]
So dry land [faith in earthly things in us] may appear.” Genesis 1:9

“Yekavo h’maym meetachayt h’shaym ehl Makom ehchad v’teerehh h’bhshah.”

5th saying of Elohim God 2nd of the third day:

“May there be vegetation along with vegetation on the earth in us{alt. et the earth be covered with vegetation], may herbs be there…seeds along with seeds… producing seed, fruit trees producing fruit [making] each from its kind as its seed enters the earth inside of us.” Genesis 1:11

6th saying of Elohim God 1st of the fourth day:

“Tar’shay h’araytz dhshay ashehv maz’raytz zeerah ahtz bhoray aeesheh bhoray l’manu ashehr zer’au.”

“ Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to distinguish between the day and between the night and they shall be markers for the holy festivals and for days and for years.”

“Yeehay m’orot bheer’kay h’shamaym l’habh’rayl bayn h’yom v’bayn h’laylah v’havu lotot v’moadaym v’laymaym v’shanaym.”
Genesis 1:6-12

And, finally:

“And, Elohim put them [the sun and the moon] in the expanse of the heavens.”
Genesis 1:17

“Va’yatayn atam Elohim bheeroqay hashamaym.”

parable about three different ways or perspectives that God’s eternal light manifests itself inside of us in heaven and on earth

Parable about who is right, the King or the courtiers

There was once a wise and good King who lived in a Kingdom which at the same time was far away from us…and yet very near . And, this King had a group of courtiers who always had and always will vie for his attention and favours. And one day one of the courtiers said to the King…come visit your people in our churchs, synagogues,temples and mosques (the Kingdom of heaven on earth) and it will be very well for all of us. Also, please bring your Son along. But, the King thought about it and said, “No, I have another Kingdom (the Kingdom of Heaven of our spirits and souls inside of the human heart) that is far above us in the sky, but also very near. If you cannot find God inside of the human heart, you cannot find him anywhere. But, if you can find him there you can find him anywhere. So, it is better for you to come visit me there and then it will be very well for all of us, and not just some. So, they said alright we will do this. But, they did not. For the courtiers thought about it awhile and decided it was better for them to stay in their homes, churchs, synagogues, and mosques and keep asking the King to visit them there. They met together and thought they could outsmart the King. Thinking it would shame him, they held a banquet for the benefit of the whole Kingdom but did not invite him. So when they saw him again they asked him, “When will you be visiting us in our home?” But, the King said instead to them, “I visited you some time ago. But, recently we were talking and I invited you for a visit and you said that you would come but you did not. Isn’t the truth in your words more important to me than feasting with you for the benefit of all of us ”
Now you tell me, Who is like unto that King? Was the King right or the courtiers? And, who is the King in that realm and in us?

In the end, in the sense of how they are related to our everyday goals, our own words matter little compared to what we do during our lives. However,there is an even high judgement than this that we must face. For, at the level of our soul's progress in heaven and the development of its capabilities...knowing that God's truth can manifest itself and participate in the words we speak to each other and ourselves is more important than any deeds we might do in an earthly realm.

So, what is the Truth of the words of the courtiers that the King is speaking about in the above parable?
The Bible gives us two very different explanations about what the truth is that Jesus Christ has left to us in the Gospel according to the Book of John. One explanation is given to his disciple Thomas:
"Jesus said to him, I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by (through) Me." John 14:6
The other explanation was given to those who were crucifying and hurting him and whose souls he was trying to save and to help:
"Pilate said to Him, Then You are a King? Jesus answered. You say it [You speak the truth correctly here for at this point it is you who are who I am and am trying to help] For I am a King, This is Iwhy I was born, and for this I have come into the world, to bear witness to the Truth. Everyone who is of the Truth [who is a friend of the Truth] hears and listens to My voice." John 18:37 Amplified Bible with some phrases added to further amplify it by Andrew.
Jesus Christ has said that he is the vine and we are the branches. But, those branches of us in him that promise to keep faith with God and his purposes in any of us, but intentionally don't...in order not to be God...they are committing a sin against the Holy Spirit and can no longer in us or him.
For as I have been told, and so I do believe...
"If your refuse to take up your cross and follow Me, you are not Mine."
"Whosoever finds his [lower worldly]life will lose it [the higher heavenly life], and whoever loses his [lower worldly] life on My account will find it [the higher heavenly life on earth]." The Gospel of Matthew chapter 10
Inotherwords, "When the Bible is right, somebody is wrong."

May 4 Pentecost/ June 9 Shavuous 2008

Thought for the last millenium and also the next:
"A committment to upholding a truth that we both know about together is more fundamental than hoping for one that we don't [know about]. But, both are important."

Continuation of Translation of parts of the 1st chapter of Genesis
(untransliterated Hebrew script and some of the ideas for these translations are taken from the book “The Linear Chumash by Rabbi Peasch Goldberg, Feldheim Publishers, Jerusalem/ New York. See last year’s postings for the rest of translations of the first 5 of the 10 sayings of God in Genesis chapter 1)

The 6th saying (7th utterance) of God occuring
in the 1st chapter of Genesis, 1st of the fifth day

“V’omer Elohaym
God said:

Yeesheer’tzu hamayim.
Let the water swarm

shehrehtz nehphehsh hayah

with creeping living souls

and birds

shall fly

al haerehtz

over the earth

al ph’nay
on the face of

r’kay hashamayim
the expanse of the heavens.”

Genesis 1:20

The 7th saying (8th utterance*) of God occuring
in the 1st chapter of Genesis, 1st of the sixth day

V’omer Elohim
And God said,

Totzay haeretz
Let the earth bring out

nehphehsh hayah
living souls

each of their own kind


and creeping things

v’chay’tu erehtz
land animals

each of their own kind.

Vay’hay kayn
And, it was so.

* If we count Barashayt as the 1st utterance but not a saying.

Genesis 1:24

The 8th saying (9th utterance) of God occuring
in the 1st chapter of Genesis, 2nd of the sixth day

V’omer Elohim
And God said,

Nashehh Adam

Let us make man

in Our image

in Our likeness***

and they shall rule

bheed’agat hayam v’bhof hashamayeem

over the fish of the sea and the birds of the heavens

v’babh’haymah v’bchal haretz
and over the animals and over all the earth.

v’bachal harehmehsh haromaysh al haretz
and over every creeper which creeps on the earth.

Genesis 1:26

*** these words are also reflected as an important part of our own lives when we observe the Jewish community blessing, the birchas hamazon said after meals on the Sabbath and Holy Days.
“Blessed are You, Lord, Our God, King of the Universe Who yotzered (fashioned) Adam (mankind) , in his image and his likeness and tikayn( prepared) for him a structure unto our untoness.

According to my friends, the rabbis in Brooklyn NY, the image mentioned here is the intelligence and spiritual free will of man.
The image of the likeness is his or her physical body which serves as host to the soul or image.

Baruch atah Adonay, yotzeayr h’Adam.
Blessed are thou Lord, who creates man in two parts.

But, note, why does the first part of the verse not say yotzeayr (forming us with his imagination) when Elohim God creates us in his image and likeness? This is because Elohim God inside of us is asehh or making us (creating us in four parts with his own hands) in this verse. For Jews the Spirit and Soul of the Holy One of Israel and his Bride (What Christians call our Holy Spirit) according to the Torah,is Bahir (inside of the mountain of God in us) at this time. Begotten creation (as when we say in the Eucharist that Jesus Christ was created, begotten, not made by God and the Virgin Mary) occurs on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. This is the Unity School of Christianity. The Yotzer, or the formation of man's image and likeness as a part of God in our imagination occurs during the Passover Seder. It is also reaffirmed with denials and affirmations during the two months of the Jewish lunar fall calendar after Elul. This is Our Prayer Group YHWH School of Christianity. Making (as Moses inscribed or made the tablets of the Ten Commanments when God lifted up his face upon him)* occurs at Shavuous. This is YHWH School of Christianity informing Our Prayer Group.

*and as the prophet Isaiah explains in his transcendent teachings that God made humankind out of a potter's clay turned in four directions being assisted by the instruction and knowledge of his four archangels...Ariel, Gabriel, Raphael, Michael
The 9th saying (10th utterance) of God occuring
in the 1st chapter of Genesis, 3rd of the sixth day

Vay’bharehch atam Elohaym
God blessed them

V’omehr lahehm Elohaym

And God said to them,

ph’ro urabho

Be fruitful and multiply

umeel’o et haretz

and fill the earth

V’cheeb’shehha ur’du
and conquer it and rule

bheed’agat hayam v’bhof hashamaym

over the fish of the sea and the birds of the heavens

v’bchal hayah

and over every living being

haromaysheht al haretzwhich creep on the earth.

Genesis 1:27

The 10th saying (11th utterance) of God occuring
in the 1st chapter of Genesis, 4rd of the sixth day

V’omehr Elohaym
And God said,

Heenayh natatay lachehm et chal eyshehv
Behold, I have given to you every herb

zray zehra
seed of a seed**

ashehr al ph’nay chal haretz

which dwells on the face of the earth

v’et chal haaytz ashehr bho ph’ray aytz
and every tree which bears a tree's fruit

zrav zehra
as a seed of a seed**

lchehm yeeh’yehh lach’lah:
which will be your food.

ul’chal hayat haretz v’bhof hashamaym

and to all living creatures and the birds of the heavens

ul’chal romaysh al haretz
and to all which creeps on the earth.

ashehr bho nehphehsh hayah

which bears a living material soul [outwardly visible]

et chal yehrehq ashehv l’ach’lah
all green herbs…for food.

Vay’hay kayn:
And it was so.

Genesis 1:30

** Note to the above: the words seed of a seed remind us of the philosophical term “concept of concept” see last year’s blog for the 1st part of an amateur philosophical/ theological paper about this.

thanksgiving, affirmative, petitionary words of Greek, European, English, and American Christianity:

1) YHWH Shammah iff God and their/our Son Jesus Christ are present in us.

2) YHWH Yireh iff God and Christ Jesus are our providence.

3) YHWH Rohi iff God and Jesus Christ enlighten us and are the head of us (our leaders).

4) YHWH Nissi iff God and his/her/our Son Christ Jesus hold the whole world in their hands.

5) YHWH Rapha iff God and our Son Jesus Christ are our healers.

Below are given some creative mediations on some of the seed syllables and phrases which appear in Genesis chapter 1.
All the material on suggested meditations for the autiot (thought expansion of the seed letters in the seed syllables) below the figures in quotes is from the “Code of Genesis”, Chapter 4-14 by Carlo Suares:
Comments below on the tetragrammaton and after the pictures on Hannah’s Song are my own. Also I have added my own meditation on the seed syllables “L’Shanah Tovah” and a few hopefully helpful thoughts on how Mr. Suares transliterations of the letters and vowels from Hebrew to English relate to the one I have use in previous prayer postings on this blog.
Metaphsical definitions, preceeded by their names in bold face, are from a February 2007 posting on this blog. Some of the parts of these definitions are taken from the book “Metaphysical Dictionary” by Charles Fillmore..

God the Father—A part of oneself and ourselves which is non-contingent and good. He created the Universe by himself, with his Son, and also with our help. He sustains and nourishes the creation of all things in the Universe.
God the Son--- A part of oneself and ourselves that reveals oneself and ourself to us. He is both contingent and non-contingent and he is himself good. He existed in the beginning with the Father and all things were created in him, with his help, and through him and God and us.
God the Holy Spirit---The Lord the giver of life. He (It) is a part of oneself and ourselves that is the expression of God the Father and God the Son in us. He enters the Spirits and Souls of those who call upon him.
God's Name--- That part of God's being which defines that which God is. It tells us that the three parts of the Trinity are co-existent but different and different but co-existent.

YHWH (Yod-Heh-Waw-Heh The ineffable four-letter name of God which is the root syllable in our scheme of concepts of concepts. Ineffable means unpronounable, but not necessarily lacking in understanding or meaning. There is a prohibition against uttering this name, not because it hurts God for us to do this, or because we should worry that He will lose His Self-Generated, Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnipotence nature if we do. But it is because He doesn’t want us to unnecessarily miss the mark and misunderstand Him (or Her) the outcome of which can lead us to further and more serious problems. He (or She) is often very subtle and hard to understand, but not always. He (She) is Grace (primary Love which gives…both incarnated and without incarnation) as well as impersonal Divine Principle and Divine Law. In the scheme given above the translation of the letters becomes Existence-Life-Copulation-Life. This combination thought expresses in existence the two lives (that of the container or shell or physical support, and that of the contained or germ or inner life) that fertilize each other (as two birds in God’s tree of life, the human and divine parts of our soul help each other and supporting and dwelling in each other alternately as male and female**).. This double impregnation can only occur in Man and as long as it does not occur YHWH is immanent but unborn.
Those who have studied Mantra Yoga**** for a long time know that when the Word of God expresses itself in vowels and consonants through a human being the vowels represent the energy of movement and realization and the consonants the constrictions of the energy flowing through the thought being expressed my the means of the breath of God (or His Holy Spirit) in us.
The short and long vowels a and aa are expressed from the back of our throat, o and oo from the forward upper mouth and nasal areas, i and ii comes from the top of the palate. Then the vowel letters a and combine (or sandhi as we say in Sanskrit) to form a combination sound as e (which usually is thought of as proceeding inward downward in the human/divine spiritual body, especially when it is combined with the consonant h to form ‘eh’) and a and o combine to form u (which usually is thought of as proceeding outward and upward). The consonant h is the root consonant along with a expressing soundless energy in the center of our spine. The Hebrew letter Yod being both a vowel and a consonant thus has the unique ability to be at a mental balance coming down from the top of our brain inside of a prior mental realization of the Heh’s soundless h sound from the topmost 7th chakra (‘sahasara’) to 1st root chakra (‘muladhara’)***. It is no coincidence that the name of both the Father (YHWH) and His Son (Jesus) start with this letter.

** Mundaka Upanishad
*** In the preceeding thoughts I am speaking faithfully about my own Christian, Jewish, Hindu personal understandings and experiences. You may have an entirely different understanding or even several different ones as you progress toward enlightment inside of your own belief scheme..
*** See eg. Meditation and Mantra by myself Swami Vishnudevananda.


L’Shanah Tovah (Lammed-Sheen-Noun-Aleph ---Tav-Waw-Vayt:30:300:50 –9.6.2) The two three letter numbers and noun express a movement of progressive enlargement from the controlled connecting agent Lammed to the universal Sheen to life condensed in individual existences. Tov is the sempiternal (eternal and unchanging, everlasting, having beginning but no end*) function of nature indefinitely repeating its prototypes

Figure 2


“Bereshyt (Bayt-Raysh-Aleph-Sheen-Yod-Tav: says Bayt:”Everything that exists is the conditioning of life and the life of conditioning. Everything that is exists both internally and externally. Each germ of life has an envelope which derives its movement from the great cosmic force of interstellar space… Aleph “ creative immanence, spontaneous, always fresh and new…Sheen “Prodigious cosmic motion. Motion of everything that exists”…Yod “projection of Aleph confers reality upon all that tends to bury Aleph…the finite which
never rejoins the infinite.” Tav “Cosmic resistence to the life breath that animates it.””

Heaven---A primary realm of creation where God exists and lives.

“Shamaim (Sheen-Aleph-Mem-Yod-Mem: 300. Contains a Yod between two Mems. This sequence indicaes the cosmic movement of Sheen acting against mayim, the so-called waters: the two Mem (4) between which Yod is playing against its partner Aleph in the game of existence versus life.”

“Va-Yomer (Vav-Yod-Aleph-Mem Raysh: appears elsewhere in Gen. Chapter One in verses 3,6,9,22,25,20,24,26,28,29), expresses an emanation (6) which projects Yod (10) and Aleph(1) in the basic attribute of matter, Mem(40) included in the universal container Raysh (

Figure 3

“Yehy (Yod-Hay-Yod:10.5.10) can only be translated “existence-life-existence’. It expresses the coming into life (5) of a double existence (10 and 10) and thus describes the distinctive mark of organic life which is always a double process, inner and outer, of germ and shell or psyche and body.”


Figure 4
“Awr (Aleph-Waw-Raysh:1.6.200) expresses the copulation of Aleph and its physical support Raysh.”

Figure 5

“Veyarey (Vav-Yod-Raysh-Aleph :…can also be transliterated as v’yar’ah appears elsewhere in Gen. Chapter One in verses 4,10,12,18,21,25) says that the impregnation (6) of the existence (10) in the universe (200) allows Aleph(1) to s”pring forth. “

“Et(Aleh-Tav:1.400) equivalent to our expression “from A to Z””

Earth---A fundamental realm of the realization of creation where things are as they are in heaven.
God has hidden wisdom and spiritual understanding inside of his heavenly earth in us. Both the beginning and the end of it he has placed as a basis of his truth in us. He placed it as the certain circumstances of a precious cornerstone of truth inside of the way his eternal (the past and the future) present moment dwells in us.

“Eretz(Aleph-Raysh-Aleph-Tsadde: “This is earth, the third element created (after air and water).
Fire, Esh will appear much later in Gen. 2 when women Esha is formed.” Notice that God is ‘forming ‘*(his two-fold creation) these elements*.
“Explanation of how Eretz is formed (Genesis 1,9-10):
From the waters above, Shamaym: Maym (40.10.40), as explained above, is held between two biological resistances thrust into motion by Sheen(300) as expressed by the schema Shamaym. Those were the waters “above”,or the biosphere.
From the inorganic waters “below”. The Hebrew text says that they Iqaoo(Yod-Qof-Waw-Waw: El Maqom Ehhad. Iqaooo is the most rational and intelligent schema that can be constructed in the circumstance. Let us imagine symbolically the energy called Aleph falling into a Yod far below the organized life of the biosphere and yet proceeding along in a loop,upwards. The junctiln between Yod and Aleph is Qof, as already stated. Qof (100) is the most difficult symbol to understand. It includes Aleph exalted in its principle yet acting through its projection, against itself, and therby being cosmically deathless. It is best seen in Qaheen (Cain) that mythical destroyer of illusions. It appears in the one of the ten seed syllables given in the table or cipher of the numerial values of the consonants: Aleph-Yod-Qof (1.10.100). In this seed syllable Aleph (1) is the beat, or pulsation life-death-life –death. So Yod (in Hebrew:the hand), is the opposit4e of Aleph, its partner playing against it the game without which nothing would be. So Qof is called for, appears, and with it the double Waw which eventually will be double fruitful. The second schema El (Aleph-Lammed: 1.30) need hardly be explained: Aleph is born again here bearing its active qualiy, Lammed (30). With the next schema Maqom (Mem-Qof-Waw-Mem: 40.1000.6.40) we see Qof alive and fruitful taking the place of the dead Yod of Maym (100.6. in the place of 10).
The last schema “Ehhad= (Aleph-Hhayt-Dallet:1.8.4) means one. It is the name of no. 1 and it expresses in a stupendous way the metaphysical disappearance from our sight of Aleph, as it actually is projected into 8 and 4. “ Torah = a tree of tov raah (good and bad). Interested in Oneness? You might also want to read our discussion postings at http://www.yhwhschofchrist.org/discussionboard Science and Philosophy of Religion forum on “How do you define the Number One.” And also the one about what the “Concept of a Concept” might be?

* see discussion in earlier posting about the four type of creation God using in the 1st chapter of Genesis

Figure 6
Goodness---What is desirable for its own sake. Love exists for another, but goodness exists because of itself. When goodness in us is guided by the Love in us, then divine order is established in us. Reality both exists for its own sake and also for other’s sake (for it is always an objective truth). Therefore reality is something more than just goodness…it is consciousness, love, good will, action, knowledge existing subjectively as well as objectively.

“Tov (Tayt-Waw-Vayt:9.6.2) describes the female character (9) of proliferation (6) of bodies or containers (2). Tov is the sempiternal* function of nature indefinitely repeating its prototypes.”

The light that is good (Tov) is different from the light that is life. The light that is life is God’s Son only Son Jesus Christ being the “Light of the World” inside of what the Yogi’s call the tantric chain of seed syllable sounds and the universal creation through vowel and consonant seed syllables or matrika. This is the light that Jesus Christ referred to in the 1st chapter of Gospel of John and later when he said “I AM the light of the World.” The light that is Tov is the light inside of light which is the light of God’s tantric Holy Spirit inside of his creation inside of our individual souls and spirits. First God decided for himself that this light was good inside of himself, then He decided that it was also good for us. For He has created the world out of nothing but ourselves out of something (Himself). See elsewhere in our discussion board postings at the website address below for more meditations and comments on the differences between these two lights.

“Yom-day (Yod-Waw-Mem) is a projection in existence (into a container of objects) of Awr (light)” “Likewise Hhoshekkh (the absence of light) becomes Layla-night (Lammed-Yod-Lammed-Hay:30:10:30.5) becomes a container of emptiness.” I think of the seed syllable Yom as respresenting something similar to what mathematicians call “the concept of a set of objects”. Mathematicians like Stephen Hawking (who has a recent book out reprinting some of the most important mathematical papers of the last several centuries using part of this phrase as its title) and I like to say the sentence due to Leopold Kronecker, “God created the integers and all else is the work of man.” . But how did God create the integers? First He created the concept of what a set or collection of objects are by a series of definitions and axioms. Then He created the idea of a “successor function” and the principle of induction. Then He starts the process off by defining the number or set of objects called zero (the empty set…or the collection of objects with no objects in it) and one. But, how did he define the number One? There were several different proposals among mathematical logicians for how to do this in the early part of the last century.
Goffried Frege had one way, John Von Neumann (who later became one of the main inventors of the modern day digital computer) another.

But, before Von Neumann or Frege the author of the book of Genesis, Chapter one already put forth a way in terms of definitions, rules of thought, and axioms to define the number One in terms of the meanings of the Hebrew seed letters used in the Hebrew word for One:
“Ehhad= (Aleph-Hhayt-Dallet:1.8.4) means one. It is the name of no. 1 and it expresses in a stupendous way the metaphysical disappearance from our sight of Aleph, as it actually is projected into 8 and 4. “ Torah = a tree of tov raah (good and bad). Interested in Oneness? You might also want to read our discussion posting at http://www.yhwhschofchrist.org/discussionboard Science and Philosophy of Religion forum on “How do you define the Number One.”

* Word of the Day: In all the works on view, Mariani conjures a sempiternal realm that exists parallel to mundane reality and which is accessible through art, reverie and the imagination.
-- Gerard Mccarthy, "Carlo Maria Mariani at Hackett-Freedman", Art in America , September 1999

Figure 7

“Genesis 1,22 In this verse Elohim blesses the “great whales”, all the creatures that move in the waters and every “winged fowl”. The blessing is:

Yebarekh translated here as blessed (can also be translated as bought into awareness…appears elsewhere in Gen. Chapter One in verses 22,24) (Yod-Bayt-Raysh-Kaf:

The whales are Tanynym (Tav-Noun-Yod-Noun-Mem:400. and the winged birds are Oof-Kanaf (Ayn-Waw-Phay—Kaf-Noun-Phay: 70.6.800 -- 20.50.800).

That blessing is the bestowal of cosmic life (500) to all that lives in the waters. The particular spelling of the schema Tanynym expresses a double life (50 and 50) born out of the exaltation of the entire cosmic existence in its utmost capacity to resist to life-death (400) and Oof-Kanaf (literally the bird-wing) expresses a fleeting uncertainity born out of the primordial substance, the unfathomed reserve of undifferentiated, unstructured energy (800), and alive in (800).”

Figure 8

“Elohim (Aleph-Lammed-hay-yod-Mem: is the process through which Aleph(1) by initiating a physiological movement (30) in life (5) comes into existence (10) and acquires the appearance of an metamorphois (40) which offers resistence to life and therefore gives birth to living beings.”

Figure 9
“Yavdel (translated divided, can also be translated as distinguished and transliterated as v’yabh’day…appears elsewhere in Gen. Chapter One in verses 4,7,14) Yod-Vayt-Dallet-Lammed( introduces in the existence (10) of containers (2) the necessary resistance to life (4) which allows them to become organic (30). The schema Beyn or Veyn (2.10.700) does not mean “divide” in Hebrew, but “between” or rather “among”, and according to the code it has a far greater significance.”

Figure 10
As you look at the light patterns in the pictures you should notice a moving line of reflected sun light (it moves as the plane progresses forward and the angle of reflection of sun changes. If you study the three-diamond ocean wave/shore meditation in the previous blog posting you will see the focal points of "three-diamonds" of light have shifted here from the oceans to the earth.

In the 2nd Chapter of Genesis does the creation
(YHWH-Elohim: see discussion above of the individual words referred to here)

“Our human life is created by Him initiating a physiological movement (30) in life (5) comes into existence (10) and acquires the appearance of an metamorphois (40) which offers resistence to life and therefore gives birth to living beings.”

In a couple of other places in the Bible we find this divine name expanded further into one of the forms it appears as a part of the Lord God of Hosts (YHWH Saboath)


Or YHWH-Elohim-Adonai.

In my opinion, the explanation of the differences of these two Biblical forms of God’s name has to do with our understanding of the right and left, forward and backward, up and down part of God’s Holy Spirit as it realizes itself in our own everyday world time and space. Because I believe in a five-dimensional metaphysical world of creation there are enough degrees of freedom room for this (that is for God to manifest Himself inside of us in this way) inside of our own spirits and souls.


“Yom (Yod-Waw-Mem), When Aleph becomes Yod, Awr (Aleph, Waw,Raysh) Yom, day, becomes the projection of Awr (existence as light).”

Haftarah (prophetic) teaching for 1st day of Rosh Hashanah
Hannah’s Song
1 Samuel 1:1-2:10

This portion from our Holy Scriptures (which starts the Old Testament story of the Kings of Israel) is set aside for the reading of the morning service of Rosh Hashanah. So, it must contain wondelful and important teachings. What are these teachings? Because the Torah portion for Rosh Hashanah speaks of how Abraham was required by God to offer up his son Isaac for possible sacrifice to God it is possible that these prophetic verses were provided to us to record how God can give help to those of us who have dedicated our lives to God and are faced with the situation that, our prayers for the salvation of our sons and daughters don’t seem to have been answered like Abraham’s were. The portion speaks about the experiences of God’s maid servant Hannah (somehow the name gets transferred to the term “hand servant” in the New Testament when Saint Mary’s story is told). Hannah’s name means the grace of God, the Love of God that gives. What are these experiences? Like Sarah who bore Abraham children when he was 100 years old, and Mary(the Mother of God) who bore God His Son Jesus, Hannah bore God inside of Elkanah Son of ELIHU. His wife Peninah gave him Chafni and Phineas as sons but Hannah gave her husband ten spiritual children(see * which correspond to the 10 uses of the divine name YHWH in these passages. The divine names of these children are contained in these verses as she calls upon the Lord of Hosts for help. Firstly, according to Jewish tradition in one significant verse Hannah was the first to call God the Lord of Hosts, “She made a vow and said, “ YHWH Saboath, if You take of the suffering of Your maidservant, and You remember and do not forget Your maidservant, and give Your maidservant a male offspring, then I shall give him to YHWH all the days of his life, and a razor will not come upon his head (she vowed that here Son would be a Nazarine the Old Testament judge Samson and like Jesus Christ God’s only Son).
Also in this portion Hannah calls upon God’s name in the ways.” What are the ways she prayed to fulfill this vow to God and the basis upon which she has a right to expect a reply or answer to her prayers?:
Since Mary and Joseph were practicing Jews it is possible that both of them had studied these prayers in this passage many times during New Year services in those days, at those times. Mary’s song in passages familiar to us from the Gospel of Luke contains similar expressions of petition and thankfulness to God for answering her prayer to be given a Son to be called (named) according to Isaiah’s prophecy Immanuel (Jesus Christ).

* as well as the five of her own human sons with him and the two of Peninah that survived 1Samuel 2:21

(1) confession of previous mistakes and prayer for unmerited help…I have poured out my soul before YHWH
( v’ ehsh’ph’ach et n’ph’shay l’ph’nay YHWH)
(2) prayer for overall awareness and individual in )becoming aware…YHWH remembered
(l’chay Shalom v’ELOHAY Israel y’tayn et shelteach or in English ELI answered ‘Go towards peace. The God of Israel will grant your request)…
V’yeezach’reeh YHWH)
(3) prayer for purposefulness…we shall appear before YHWH,
(l’ph’nayach YHWH) a
(4) prayer of petition…may YHWH fulfill His word
(af y’kam YHWH et dabaru or alternatively the phrase means---but, may YHWH fulfill his word)
Because I have asked Him of YHWH
(Me’YHWH sh’altayav .. the name Samuel comes from a shorten version of the Hebrew words Shaaol Me El.. requested of God)
(5) prayer for integrity in all her actions and henceforth God’s actions….she brought him to the house of YHWH (Beth YHWH)
YHWH is a God of knowledge (alternatively, of thoughts)
(v’lo neet’chanu ayleelot: kehshet geboraum chataym)
Deeds are counted by Him, the bow of the mighty is broken
(El Daat YHWH)
(Ayn Kadosh chay YHWH chay ayn bhayaayn bheel’tehach v’ayn tzor chay Elohaynu)
(For there is none as Holy as the LORD and none beside YOU, and there is no Rock life Our God)
(6) prayer for thankfulness….For this child did I pray; YHWH granted me my request that I asked of Him
( Khay l’YHWH m’tzaykay Eretz for the LORD YHWH’s are the pillars of the earth…refers to two columns of righteousness that the archangels Gabriel and Michael stand guard with flaming swords of Truth in front of the Northern and Southern entrance to the garden of Eden and also the Ark of the Covenant inside of the Holy temple in the Holy Land wherever God dwelss with us on earth)
(7) prayer of thankfulness… my pride was raised through YHWH and my mouth opened wide against my antagonists, for I rejoiced in Your salvation
(8) prayer for fulfillment of the prayer through understanding of the mind of Christ….YHWH is the God of thoughts (El Daat YHWH)
(9) prayer for expectation of an answer because God has a right to our universal submission to His will and hence we have a right to expect each other’s help in being His instruments of peace and fulfillment among us all …YHWH brings death and gives life, lowers to the pit and elevates. Impoverishes and makes rich, humbles and exalts, raise the needly from the dust)
He humbles and exalts.
(YHWH maymyt v’m’chyehh morayd Sh’aol vyayl: YHWH moraysh v’maashyr moshphyl af moroman: maykym maafar dal mayash’pot yrym ehbyot )
(10) prayer for final judgement and justice for us all and removal of obstacles and the neutralization and rendering ineffective of those who have continually hurt (in ways that seems to be illrecoverable) or are contining to hurt the fulfillment of our just aspirations in accord with God’s will….O YHWH, may those that contend with Him be shattered,…and may YHWH judge to the ends of the earth (y’din YHWH aph’may eretz
v’y’ten az l’malachu v’y’ram kdeem meshiach), may He give power to His king and raise the pride of His anointed

Saturday, August 14, 2010During the High Holy Days this year;

we are republishing some previous teachings,

in commemoration of the starting of the 10th Jewish New Year

after the 2000th year following the birth of Christ.

And we are sending out a

7-Fold and 7-Fold Blessing,

both of which follow:

Be Still (awake, believe, understand)

And know (love life, meditate, realize)

I AM God.

For those Christians who have a Torah in the home and like to pray standing up and wearing Tefillan we have included some interpretations and meditations of the Hebrew words in the 1st Chapter of Genesis.
Some of the blogs from last year contain some helpful thoughts about how Christians can better learn to pray and meditate while standing up using Buddhist breathing and walking techniques (instead of sitting down as we normally do in Church). The series of wondelful books by my prayer friend the Rev. Thich Nhat Hanh contains much more on this.

You may meditate along with us using these verses while Elohim God recreates our spiritual experiences of the last year into those of the new year during Rosh Hashannah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot.

And, we pray that the day may soon come
that we all may be One in God's name, even
as I AM that/who I AM One in it now.
Partners in God, partners in Christ, we are one family.
John 17:21

Please pray with us assisted and helped by the prayers at
(you may register there and post your own prayers if this is helpful to you)

This year and next we are especially praying about starting a new orphanage for both Christians and Jews here in Vicksburg, MS. Seed thought: “You don’t need a Jewish mother to learn Judaism”, and “You don’t need a Christian father to learn Christianity.” There would be “home instruction in Christianity and Judaism, help with high school homework, and home worship of God together”, but not formal home schooling in English, mathematics, physical education, etc which are more traditional subjects required for diploma or GED. Thus no diploma given, you are on your own for that.
Irish Prayer and Blessing
“May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be always at your back.
May the Sun(Son) shine warm on your face, And the rain fall soft upon your fields.
And May God hold you in palm of his hands.”
(Until we talk and pray together again and he blesses you again through us)

As a Christian, normally, One needs to pray the Hebrew Holy day prayers (using Tefillim) during the whole year for several years before this will work effectively.

If One does this, the morning blessings in the blog before can be accompanied
with daily thoughts of mindfulness such as in the book on Birkhot Hashachar (morning blessings) by Jewish Lights Publishing.

Also, nowadays the prayers can be accompanied by playing the the Psalms on an ipad
(the Sons of Korah and Cambridge Choir recordings are some of the many good versions available).

For Rosh Hashanah the creation Psalms (1, 29), Psalms praising the Holy Laws of God in the Torah (eg 78), Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote a wondelful book on the Psalms which provide a good classification of them into different topices.

Also, in the Biblical translations of the Psalms where it says "sela" you should practice a couple of minutes of the "Be Still and know that I AM God " meditation steps given above.

According to standard Christian theology the interpretation of Jesus Christ's
parable about the sower who sows seeds of Truth inside of us inside of God's Kingdom of Heaven on earth is that the seeds are the "Word of God which is in the Bible".
But, in early Christianity and Judaism many Christian and Jewish gnostics interpreted
this reference to mean the "seeds sound syllables" of divine knowledge.*

* See the book Yoga and Meditation by Swami Sivananandaji and Swami Visnudevanda of the Divine Life Socety for some Sanskrit versions of these "seed sounds" of Truth. Also, the 2nd edition of Marvin Meyer's translation of the Nag Hammadi Scriptures contains Saint Valentine's versions of many of these "seed sounds". It is interesting to compare the Indian versions of these "seed sounds" with gnostic Christian versions and with the Hebrew versions in the 1st chapter of Genesis.

8th Day

On, the eighth day God blessed what he had blessed. He remembered us in him. And, with his breath he formed the pre-existent idea of our existence and reality inside of the World and him into the everlasting reality of its truth. Thus, God our Father made himself Jesus Christ (the fullness of his image and likeness in us), our King of Kings.

Figure 1 Morning Light Skips Across the Waves

Morning Blessings
(to be said upon arising)

My God, the soul you have placed… within me it is pure. You created it; You formed it; You breathed it into me; You keep it within me; and You will eventually take it from me… and return it to me in the time to come. So long as my soul is within me, I gratefully acknowledge your presence… Adonay my God and my ancestor's God, Master of all creation, Lord of all souls, Blessed are you, Adonay, who restores souls to dead corpses.

Elohay n'shamah shenataeta… bee t'horah hee. Atah boratah, atah yotzeratah, atah n'pachtah, v'atah m'smarah b'keer'bee, v'atah ateed l'talah meem'ehnay… v'l'hachazeerah bay l'ateed l'bo. Kal z'man shehan'shamah v'ker'bee modeh aenee l'pneach… Adonay elohay v'elohay a'botay, rabon kal h'maeseem aedon kal n'shamot. Baruch atah adonay ham'chaezayr n'smot l'pgadeem mateem.

1) Blessed are you, Lord, our God… Ruler…of the Universe who opens… the eyes of the blind.

Baruch atah Adonay, Elohenu… melek… h'olam, pokay'ach eevreem.

Some metaphysicians correlate ocean waves in dreams and in the collective human psyche with problems we are experiencing together. But, I see them along with the sea turtle’s return as good news signaling the coming of Christ Jesus the Messiah for the 3rd time. See http://www.ourprayergroup.blogspot.com October, November 2006 postings for more on this, along with some Biblical references to turtle doves and sea turtles.

Figure 2 Morning Waves I Along with some Shore Birds: “Thanks be to God for His many blessings that we share in our lives here on earth.”
2) Blessed are you, Lord, our God… Ruler… of the Universe who clothes the naked.

Baruch atah Adonay, Elohenu… melek… h'olam malbeesh aerumeem.

Figure 3 Morning Waves II Middle Ridge

3) Blessed are you, Lord, our God… Ruler… of the Universe who releases the bound.

Baruch atah Adonay, Elohenu… melek… h'olam mateer aesureem.

Figure 4 Morning Waves III Ocean Spray
4) Blessed are you, Lord, our God… Ruler… of the Universe who lifts up the bent over.

Baruch atah Adonay, Elohenu… melek… h'olam zokayf k'fufeem

Figure 5 Morning Waves IV Breaking Wave
5) Blessed are you, Lord, our God… Ruler… of the Universe who spreads out the land on the water.

Baruch atah Adonay, Elohenu… melek… h'olam rokay h'aretz al ham'ayeem

Figure 6 Morning Waves V Middle Trough
6) Blessed are you, Lord, our God… Ruler… of the Universe who has provided my every need.

Baruch atah Adonay, Elohenu… melek… h'olam sheasah lay kal tsar'kay

Figure 7 Morning Waves VI Some Light patterns captured between the waves.

7) Blessed are you, Lord, our God… Ruler… of the Universe who makes firm our steps.

Baruch atah Adonay, Elohenu… melek… h'olam hamaycheen meetsaday g'aver

Figure 8 Morning Waves VII Reaching the Shore

8) Blessed are you, Lord, our God… Ruler… of the Universe who strengthens Israel with might.

Baruch atah Adonay, Elohenu… melek… h'olam ozer Israel b'gevurah

Figure 9 Morning Waves VIII Light Sparkling on Waves

9) Blessed are you, Lord, our God… Ruler… of the Universe who crowns Israel with glory.

Baruch atah Adonay, Elohenu… melek… h'olam oter Israel b'teefarah

Definition of sashay: a. To walk or proceed, especially in an easy or casual manner. b. To strut or flounce in a showy manner

10) Blessed are you, Lord, our God…Ruler… of the Universe who gives strength to the weary.

Baruch atah Adonay, Elohenu… melek… h'olam h'noten layoayf poaych.

Figure 12 Morning Waves X: Some Blue and White Waves reveal what is called a meditation on “The Three Diamonds”, 1) Absolute consciousness of God’s Light from Heaven, 2) Absolute consciousness of God’s Light inside the Human Heart, 3) Absolute consiousness of God’s Light on Earth

11) Blessed are you, Lord, our God… Ruler… of the Universe who removes sleep from my eyes,
slumber from my eyelids.

Baruch atah Adonay, Elohenu… melek… h'olam h'ama'aveer shenah mayaynay vt'nomah mayaf'aypay.

12) Blessed are you, Lord, who compassionately bestows goodness to those of his people who have struggled to understand him..

Baruch atah Adonay, gomayl h'asadaym tobaym l'amo Israel.
11) Blessed are you, Lord, our God… Ruler… of the Universe who removes sleep from my eyes,
slumber from my eyelids.

Baruch atah Adonay, Elohenu… melek… h'olam h'ama'aveer shenah mayaynay vt'nomah mayaf'aypay.

12) Blessed are you, Lord, who compassionately bestows goodness to those of his people who have struggled to understand him..

Baruch atah Adonay, gomayl h'asadaym tobaym l'amo Israel.

Figure 13 Morning Waves X, A View Farther Out

12) Blessed are you, Lord, who compassionately bestows goodness to those of his people who have struggled to understand him..

Baruch atah Adonay, gomayl h'asadaym tobaym l'amo Israel.

Figure 14 Family Taking a Morning Walk Along the Sea Shore

God be With You till we Meet Again
United Methodist Hymnal
Hymn 672
Nashville, Tenn 1989

God be with you till we meet a-gain;
By his coun-sels guide, up-hold you,
With his sheep se-cure-ly fold you;
God be with you till we meet a-gain.
Till we meet, till we meet,
Till we meet at Je-sus’ feet;
Till we meet, till we meet,
God be with you till we meet again.

God be with you till we meet a-gain;
Neath his wings se-cure-ly hide you,
Dai-ly man-na still provide you;
God be with you till we meet a-gain.
Till we meet, till we meet,
Till we meet at Je-sus’ feet;
Till we meet, till we meet,
God be with you till we meet again.

God be with you till we meet a-gain;
When life’s per-ils thick con-found you,
Put his arms un-fail-ing round you;
God be with you till we meet a-gain.
Till we meet, till we meet,
Till we meet at Je-sus’ feet;
Till we meet, till we meet,
God be with you till we meet again.

God be with you till we meet a-gain;
Keep love’s ban-ner float-ing o-er you,
Smite death’s threat-ening wave be-fore you;
God be with you till we meet a-gain.
Till we meet, till we meet,
Till we meet at Je-sus’ feet;
Till we meet, till we meet,
God be with you till we meet again.

Words: Jeremiah E. Rankin, 1880
Music: William G. Tomer, 1880